10 best colon cleanse home remedies

10 Best Colon Cleansing Home Remedies


The practice of natural cleansing of the colon is known since ancient Greece. The colon cleanser became famous in the 1920s and 1930s in the United States. Recently, people often use enzymes, teas or irrigation of the colon to clean their colon or large intestine. Some studies have shown that colon cleansing is good for your overall health. Colon cleansing aims to stimulate the vitality of your body. Other goals and benefits of colon cleansing include improving mental activities, helping with weight loss, improving the immune system, and reducing the risk of colon cancer. Colon cleansing can be achieved with different types of natural home remedies. These are 10 best natural home remedies for colon cleansing that you should do at home to have a clean colon:

colon cleanse home remedy

1. Foods rich in fiber

If you are looking for natural home colon cleansing remedies, you should not ignore high fiber foods. Fiber helps to eliminate waste from the colon. Fiber also plays an important role in the effective formation of stool. It is recommended to include high fiber foods in your usual diet to keep your colon healthy. Consuming fiber on a regular basis can help reduce the risk of developing colon cancer by cleaning your colon. You should eat both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble and insoluble fibers have different important functions. Insoluble fiber plays an important role in creating a flexible and bulky stool that can pass easily. Insoluble fiber has the ability to eliminate waste and get rid of intestinal bacteria from your body

colon cleanse home remedy fiber

2. Fermented foods

Fermented foods are one of the home remedies for colon cleansing. Your digestive system needs a lot of beneficial bacteria that can help digest food more easily, absorb nutrients efficiently, fight harmful bacteria and get rid of toxins from your body. It is important for you to keep a balance of bacteria. If the beneficial and harmful bacteria are unbalanced, your body can suffer serious damage. In order to prevent colon damage caused by harmful factors such as processed foods, antibiotics, environmental factors and food chemicals, it is recommended to take supplements of probiotic bacteria or consume a lot of fermented foods rich in fibers. Fermented foods include cultivated vegetables such as tempeh, kimchi, sauerkraut, Greek yogurt and fermented beverages such as kefir and kombucha tea.

colon cleanse home remedy fermented food

3. Greens with dark leaves

Dark leafy vegetables like kale and spinach are beneficial for cleansing the colon and maintaining digestive tract health. Because green vegetables and fruits are an excellent source of chlorophyll, they can facilitate the daily digestive process and the cleansing of the colon. Chlorophyll has the ability to strengthen the intestinal wall, prevent bacterial growth, eliminate harmful bacteria from the colon and heal the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to kale and spinach, other green foods include asparagus, green olives, celery, Brussels sprouts, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, sea vegetables, chard, leeks, and peas. They are rich in chlorophyll. Eating these foods regularly can help detoxify the liver and clean the digestive tract.

colon cleanse home remedy spinach

4. Cruciferous vegetables

The consumption of cruciferous vegetables not only promotes digestion, but also the cleansing of the liver and colon. However, cruciferous vegetables are part of the list of home remedies for colon cleansing. Fiber plays an important role in improving your overall health by stimulating your immune system and preventing many health problems. Cruciferous vegetables can provide 25 to 40% of the recommended daily fiber intake, but they only contain 100 calories. Regular consumption of cruciferous vegetables can help promote colon detoxification.

colon cleanse home remedies

5. Celery

In search of natural home remedies for colon cleansing, I would like to introduce celery as one of the best foods. Like apples, celery has a great source of fiber and you can carry celery anywhere with you. Celery is low in calories; therefore, it is often added to a diet for weight loss. A stick of celery contains only 8 calories.

celery colon cleanse home remedy

6. Garlic

Garlic is not only a tasty spice that is often added to a variety of foods but also one of the incredible home remedies for colon cleansing. Garlic root contains antibacterial, antiviral and antiparasitic properties. Therefore, adding garlic to your regular diet can help eliminate parasites, pathogens, and toxins from the digestive tract and colon. Garlic is filled with antioxidants that can relieve inflammation, improve digestion, stimulate nutrient absorption and eliminate toxins and waste from your body.

garlic colon cleanse home remedy

7. Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the effective home remedies for colon cleansing. It has a great source of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B6. Plus, the abundant antioxidants in broccoli are responsible for detoxifying your body. In addition to cleansing the colon, broccoli has many health benefits such as maintaining eye health, supporting cardiovascular health, improving the digestive system, reducing cancer risk and reducing the risk of cancer. inflammation. You just need to add broccoli and sprinkle a pinch of sea salt to your favorite salads to clean your colon.

broccolli colon cleanse home remedy

8. Gingelly’s oil

Also known as sesame oil, ginger oil is often used in cooking. Many of the amazing health benefits of gingelly oil have been found. Gingelly oil is beneficial in regulating your digestive system and ensures the proper functioning of body organs. You just need to consume 5 spoons of gingelly oil in the morning to stimulate bowel movements and cleanse the colon. However, if you have an allergic reaction to nuts and peanuts, you should avoid using this treatment. This is because gingelly oil can cause the same allergic reaction.

ginger oil colon cleanse home remedy

9. Chia seeds

Having a high nutritional content, chia seeds contain a great source of fiber and fats that are beneficial in promoting healthy digestion and colon cleansing. The abundant omega-3 fatty acids in chia seeds have the ability to stabilize cell walls and relieve inflammation. Like flax seeds, chia seeds are rich in soluble fiber that help the digestive process. Other nutrients in chia seeds include phosphorus, calcium, manganese, magnesium, niacin, copper, and zinc.

Do this:
Mix a portion of chia seeds with 9 parts of water
Consume this mixture up to 2 weeks
You can repeat this treatment when you want to clean your colon.

chia seeds colon cleanse home remedy

10. Apricot juice

Like prune juice, apricot juice can also act as a natural laxative because apricots have sorbitol. This is the reason why apricot is often used to treat and prevent constipation. In addition, this fruit is included in a list of effective home remedies for the detoxification of colon cleansing. Apricot juice is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium. It is advisable for you to drink apricot juice often for colon cleansing.

apricot juice colon cleanse remedy

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